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tips by marghia elena

bangun pagi2x Allahu air xda pulekkk --' .. alhamdulillah Allah masih bagi cuti so tak perlu kalut nak solat ..

banyak kerja, assignment menanti, report menunggu, esok ada quiz , buat wak lek wak pis boleh lag ak ngadap lappy stalker marghia elena . omeyhhh hoh dia ,, hOt mama gtewww .. but acelih aku lagi suka tgok her video , suka giloss dengar dia speaking, fluently n my speaking much brokenggglyy !! --'

then, baca semua dia punye entry pasal holiday dia .. seriously jelezzz abis .. alhamdulillah rezeki kak maria,, n in syaa Allah soon my rezeki untuk sampai ke tempat orang .. hope so in syaa Allah .. Allah dah cakap if kite nak , usaha , doa dan tawakkal , i love travelling , but usaha tu still xda,, seriously i'm bad in manage my money ,, ak sangt2x lah boros,, tambah2x sekarang mcm online shop so buka instagram just nk tgok ape barang yg menarik , lagi rare bundl punye product lagi gedik ak nak beli --' ..

n aku respect sis maria , dia saving duit dia dari 10years, u all ada ?? time tuh ak saving duit kt kedai runcit depan rumah, xdanya nak pikir saving for the future .. n now harapkan duit bakal suami lah if nak travel ye adik2x.. haha ..

so here i copy some tips from sis maria untuk same2x lah kite saving n manage our money if want to travelling ..
1. open up an extra account! *editted*
i started saving since i was a little girl, approximately 10 years old when i really really started saving. my parents had an account open for me, and every year, duit raya yang dapat i akan put half of my collection in my ASB. for halal savings, you can keep your money is Public Mutual, Tabung haji, CIMB Islamic, etc etc. let your money stay there, jangan gatal nak kuarkan until and unless you really need it.

2. discipline!
when i studied in matrix and utp, alhamdulillah my parents didn't have to fork out much money. in matrix we were given a sum of money for every semester, and when in utp, i was a scholar so i received monthly allowance from petronas. thank you petronas and government =') the amount of money takdelah banyak. it's just enough for paying my bills, petrol, food and stuff and alhamdulillah, i manage to save up. 

i break down my allowance/gaji into 3 parts: Responsibilities, SavingsMiscellaneous.

Responsibilities are my bills, rent, car maintenance, petrol, food, zakat, etc. these are where my money will go as soon as i receive my gaji/allowance. 

Savings are savings for travel and future family. it's best if you have a different account to transfer into when you receive your gaji or allowance. i have more than 1 bank account, fyi. ngah ngah!

Miscellaneous are entertainments, shoppings, unnecessary stuff that we just want and don't need. hehe!

now gaji/allowance being 100%, take 50% out for Responsibilities, take 30% out for Savings and the rest 20% forMiscellaneous. this is my percentage. you can change the percentage up to your affordibility =)
your Savings share must be the first to go. transfer it into a different account. ups to you. but this must be kept hidden from your gatal-spending-mood-swings. if you're putting it into a different account, don't make a debit card for it. just atm would be fine.

if your 50% share of responsibilities exceeded it's budget, padan muka. sape suruh tak jaga budget? ahahaha! kidding la. we all have that time kan. when that happens, take the extra money from the Miscellaneous share. whatever it is, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SAVINGS!

if you spend less than 50% of your Responsibilities share, then good for you!! you can use that up to reward yourself for your tiring month, or take your family out for a treat or put it into savings, it's up to you. it's best though that you just don't spend it too much so that you have more stock for the next month.

and all this requires DISCIPLINE! you can do it bebehs!

3. plan your trip early!
if you're aiming to go travel overseas, plan where you want to go. once you know where, check out their currency and try google for some travel stories online. i do this everytime coz i wanna know what it's like there. mahal ke tak, hotel senang cari ke tak, what kind of transport is cheapest and most convenient, food camane etc etc. every country is different, so google it out. jangan malas please.

my eurotrip costs almost RM10k (take note that i went to 3 cities in different countries). i saved every month and i did extra jobs such as tutoring, promoting via blog, and modelling. malu ok nak mengaku but yeah. sorry la kalau aku macam bajet la kan. aku buat sume tu sebab nak travel beb. hahhaha!
and this RM10k covers my flight tickets, hotels, transportation, domestic flights, tours, food, and shopping. itu pun ada extra about almost RM3k, which is an achievement for me okayh! i bought loads of stuff but still manage to have extras. and it's all because i planned early.

maybe to some "wah?!? bapak ah kau spend RM10k utk jalan jalan?! baik guna duit tu untuk feed orang orang miskin!" 

Surah Al-Hujurat, Ayat 13:
O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.

it was after my first eurotrip with my best friends that i finally had pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and just don on the hijab. hehehee =)
the thoughts i have after seeing Allah's beauty.. ah itu different story la. hehe!

anyway, planning your trip early means you have to book your hotels early and try to ask for student price or seasonal discounts. some places, it's cheaper to take their domestic flights to cross countries, but some, it's cheaper to go by train. again, google about it. this part here, you need a credit card. heee..

it will be a great advantage if you have friends or relatives wherever you're heading. saves a lot of cost. so get in touch with your friends and family!!

*also, bring some instant food too like maggi, kurma, sambal, serunding, etc etc so that you can save money from food expenses. =)

4. get a good company!
choose your travel buddy wisely. you want to have a good time experiencing stuff, so better have your friends or family who has the same objectives as you do =)

5. jangan malas!!
this is your trip, so save up, discipline yourself, do your research, be careful and have fun!

so this is as brief as i can get, and i hope i didn't bore anyone to sleep.
if i did, GOMENASAI!
watashiwa only human des trying to help des!


ok done . semoga bermanfaat untuk kamu dan juga saya .. i love travel damn much!!!
after study nih cuba save sikit2x before kahwin, nanti dapat anak susah dah derr nak jalan2x. haha .

fi hifzillah . :')

something that u buy n make u more richer.. sesuatu yang kamu belanja dan in syaa Allah yang membuatmu makin kaya. #deeply

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